Orient automatic watch - how does it work?

The basic idea of the Orient automatic watches is that the watch – meanwhile you are wearing it on your wrist -, transforms the movement of the wearer's arm in power. In the Orient Automatic watches there are relatively weighty, freely moving parts (such as a pendulum or flywheel), they turn around by the movement of the Orient watch on an axis, and tighten the spring of the mechanicalclock Orient by a transfer. A slipping clutch ensures in the Orient watches that the spring won’t be stripped.

 The Orient is a solid company, also the movements are specially self-manufactured, the automatic movements and the Orient quartz movements as well.

 Orient movements

 The automatical, self-winding, mechanical Orient watches are very popular. There are also Orient watches with quartz movement, in which the pendulum turns a generator that charges the battery or capacitor.

 The power reserve is the period in which the Orient watches can function without moving on. In mechanical watches, it is a period of 20-40 hours, in case of quartz watches with capacitor or battery, it may even take several weeks or months. Orient watches have a power reserve of 40 hours.

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